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A la carte featured on fire base menu

FB 4-11 -- Situated on a sandbag terrace here is "Howard Johnson's of Vietnam."  If you don't believe the bright yellow and orange sign, the familiar weathervane on the roof of the 3rd Bn., 1st Inf., Americal Division mess hall will reassure you.

The idea originated with Sfc. Walter Winkles, the mess steward here.

Ten choices of omelets are featured at the a la carte breakfast which is prepared by seven cooks.  The cooks who begin work at four in the morning, cater to 400 people on the average each day.  In addition to this, companies in the field are sent hot meals prepared in the spotless facility.

Two additions have been made on the structure to accommodate the hungry throng.  An open-air tent gives a sidewalk cafe atmosphere for those who enjoy the scenery as they eat.

Serving lines have been minimized through the efficiency of the cooks, who provide plenty of food for Americal soldiers.

According to Spec. 4 Edward Rhoten, "The atmosphere has created more life.  The men really seem to appreciate it."


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