Electronic copy of article provided by Leslie Hines

LZ 4-11 — In a small, heavily sand-bagged Operations center, six miles west of Quang Ngai City, Secretary of the Army Stanley R. Resor presented the Distinguished Service Cross to a medical aidman of the 11th Bde. The simple, yet prestigious ceremony conferred the nations second highest award, for valor on SP5 James H. Johnson (Seymour, Tenn.).

Mr. Resor praised Johnson for his "exceptionally valorous actions" on March 15, 1969, while serving with C Co., 3rd Bn,, Ist Inf. The unit was conducting combat sweep operations near Tap An Bac–"pushing and fighting from hedgerow to hedgerow," as Johnson described it. Suddenly, heavy machinegun fire erupted on the company, wounding several including the commander, CPT William J. Straub (Mt, Kisco, N.Y.).

Without hesitation, Johnson braved the heavy barrage to treat and evacuate the wounded. Returning to the heavy firefight, he was wounded by an enemy grenade, but refused to be evacuated and continued his life-saving efforts.

Reflecting on his actions that day–Johnson recalled, "I was only worried about getting them patched up and getting the wounded out of there."

(11th IO)

An original copy of this document was donated to the Americal Division Veterans Association (ADVA) by LTC Paul Parham who served as Information Officer for the Americal Division.


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