Electronic of article provided by Leslie Hines

DUC PHO — A Viet Cong recently had a "bang up" time trying to rig up a booby trap to be used against soldiers of the 11th Inf. Bde. Before he had finished the job, in fact, the unfortunate soldier had not only set up the booby trap, but he had set it off, killing himself and revealing the hiding place of five weapons in the process. Co. C of the brigade's 3rd Bn. 1st Inf was on a mission north of Duc Pho when the infantrymen heard an explosion near their position. Investigating, they found a dead Viet Cong at the entrance to a tunnel.

"Obviously, Charlie was fixing a booby trap to catch American troops and caught himself instead" explained 1LT David Pena. "We appreciate everything they do for us. They're just dying to get on our casualty list."

An original copy of this document was donated to the Americal Division Veterans Association (ADVA) by LTC Paul Parham who served as Information Officer for the Americal Division.